Change Yourself 🔥 #motivational Speech#good Morning Quotes #short

Change Yourself 🔥 #motivational Speech#good Morning Quotes #short

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This means that we can be motivated to do something without actually doing it. The paradigmatic mental state providing motivation is desire.
Various competing theories have been proposed concerning the content of motivational states. They are known as content theories and aim to describe what goals usually or always motivate people. Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the ERG theory, for example, posit that humans have certain needs, which are responsible for motivation. Some of these needs, like for food and water, are more basic than other needs, like for respect from others. On this view, the higher needs can only provide motivation once the lower needs have been fulfilled.[2] Behaviorist theories try to explain behavior solely in terms of the relation between the situation and external, observable behavior without explicit reference to conscious mental states.

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Change yourself 🔥 #Motivational speech#good morning quotes #short

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