Day 2 – Ecommerce Super Affiliate Marketing Challenge 2022 (100% Free)

Day 2 – Ecommerce Super Affiliate Marketing Challenge 2022 (100% Free)

When I first learned about Affiliate Marketing back in 2016, I found it interesting and loved the idea of being able to build an income stream that is long term PASSIVE alongside a very ACTIVE eCommerce business like Amazon FBA (especially at the start when you are doing everything πŸ˜…)

What dawned on me quite quickly is I was using tools and services that had affiliate programs which meant if I was able to generate enough referrals for the services & tools I already used, those would go from becoming a FIXED MONTHLY EXPENSE, to a FIXED MONTHLY INCOME STREAM which would make those tools not only FREE, but also make additional income to invest in our core eCommerce business πŸ’‘

At the same time, I was able to support others building their businesses which is an underlining life long mission and passion I have….

So that was a huge BREAKTHROUGH for me….

Diversity of income (security) + lowering fixed costs (smart business) + serving and helping others (passion) = JACKPOT 🎰

This is one of the reasons why I have been sharing that I believe Affiliate Marketing is the BEST complimentary income stream to your core and main business πŸ’‘

So out of curiosity, what is your Affiliate Marketing goal?

πŸ€” To generate additional income (security?)
πŸ€” To lower your fixed costs? (Smart business?)
πŸ€” Help others? (Help others overcome the challenges you have?)
πŸ€” All three? πŸš€πŸš€

Let me know your goal here and the challenge will be customised specifically to your goals πŸš€

The challenge will premier on the Kev Blackburn – Systemise Fulfilment YouTube Channel.

After each premier of the challenge, the replay will be uploaded to this facebook group within the guides section followed by the encore and implementation ONE PAGER session.

Below are recommendations on maximising the value of the 100% free, no opt-in required challenge:

Introduce yourself, share your story and your goals.
Ask questions and answer questions.
Watch the sessions live as they premier and take notes.
Complete the ONE PAGER encore implementation sessions.
Play full out.

Each day, we will be offering 100% free gifts to the person who is most active, energised throughout the challenge and shares posts throughout social media on Instagram, Facebook etc. Just tag myself in your posts and I will see it.

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