Good Real Estate Marketing Ideas: Probate Website, Content Marketing, And Expected Costs Vs. Return

Good Real Estate Marketing Ideas: Probate Website, Content Marketing, And Expected Costs Vs. Return

#realestate #realestatemarketing #probate Good real estate marketing ideas for agents and investors: Probate credibility websites, inbound content marketing, real estate marketing costs, and the value-added approach to real estate lead generation and referrals from vendors.

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In this episode, Chad Corbett, David Pannell, and Certified Probate Experts answer the following real estate marketing questions:
Is an All The Leads probate credibility website worth it?
Should I hire a designer for my real estate marketing and copywriting?
How much should I pay for real estate marketing?
What should I know before hiring a real estate marketing assistant or web developer?
What’s the best way to balance time and budget when planning real estate marketing?
What are some good ideas for real estate marketing?

This probate mastermind group shares updates on what real estate marketing has worked for them, what the difference between alpha and beta level marketing is, and throws in great ideas for referral marketing and value-add opportunities with real estate vendors.

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0:00 Introducing McKenna Kaup: Successful Real Estate Agent and Probate Mastery Integrator (Probate Mastery news)
4:03 Creative Finance Course: What’s next? (Real Estate Training)
7:26 How do I approach a bank for a business line of credit? (Real Estate Business)
11:27 Is real estate coaching worth it to invest in? (Real Estate Coaching)
14:01 Interest rates and debt in the current market (2022 Economy)
15:39 The Real Estate Long Game: How to help a seller lead rent in the short term (Deal Analysis)
17:34 All The Leads probate credibility website (Probate Website)
18:45 Probate real estate copywriting and marketing (Real Estate Marketing)
25:58 Working with attorneys for referrals (Attorney Referrals)
32:35 Leveraging vendors with bulk service packages (Business Operations)
34:16 How to monetize vendor relationships (Real Estate Vendors)
36:53 How to pitch real estate vendors for bulk service packages (Real Estate Vendors)
38:12 Estate Inventory Service Packages value-add for probate lead generation (Probate Marketing Ideas)
42:45 How to attract and capture more leads (Real Estate Marketing)

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